Maybe you or someone in your family is avoiding meat entirely or just trying to eat less of it. Or perhaps your kids have suddenly started asking about Meatless Mondays or you need a few ideas for what to cook when your vegetarian girlfriends come over. Finding good vegetarian recipes can be a challenge: You want to make sure your meatless meals are healthy, but also hearty enough to satisfy big appetites.

Here are a few tips for making filling vegetarian meals that happen to be delicious, too: Make sure to stock up on pantry items like quinoa and farro, and whip up a zippy vinaigrette or two to store in the fridge. Rely on flavor-packed produce like mushrooms, and protein-rich staples like canned beans. Hearty salads should be a go-to, but don’t forget crowd-pleasing faves like tacos and pizza. After all, vegetarians deserve decadent snacks during the Super Bowl too!

These healthy, veggie-packed meals are so satisfying that even the biggest meat-lover at the table will beg for seconds.

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