Whether you’re trying to eat less meat, pack your meals with more produce, or go completely meat- and dairy-free, the idea of making vegan meals can be seriously daunting. Without meat, dairy, and other animal products, you’re often left with a plate full of plants (however, we assure you they can taste pretty amazing).

But vegan food doesn’t have to be synonymous with boring and bland. We handpicked 54 of our most popular vegan recipes to prove that vegan dishes can be just as delicious and crowd-pleasing as their non-vegan counterparts. Here, you’ll find a variety of hearty vegan meals made with protein-rich whole grain, beans, and nuts, and packed with fresh and colorful fruits and veggies.

With just a little creativity and these vegan recipes as your guide, you can pull together tasty plant-based breakfasts, soups, salads, main courses — even delicious vegan desserts — in no time. And we’ve got a good mix of wholesome, healthy vegan recipes to feel good about, as well as indulgent picks (hellooooo vegan pizza and ice cream!). Even your meat-loving friends will be impressed — and asking for seconds.

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