Eating Your Own Garden Vegetables.

There is nothing better than sitting down to a fresh salad of crispy lettuce, firm pink tomatoes, onion, peppers and cucumber, all freshly taken from your own garden.

There after, a beautiful baked potato, garnished with broccoli or cauliflower, also from the soil of your own garden. The cost of this fresh healthy food, almost nothing.

Most of the rubbish we throw in our bins, that gets taken away and dumped, like old vegetable peels, leaves, twigs and most debris we call rubbish, aside from plastic, can be put back in the garden to enrich the soil, and grow good healthy vegetables.

Apart from these vegetables costing you only the price of watering them, they are far fresher than any Super Market can sell them to you for, and they even taste much better when coming straight out of the garden.

Another benefit of eating from your own garden is that you know that the vegetables are free of pesticides, which Farmers use to keep their vegetables free of insects and birds.

Location is also very important when growing vegetables, as different vegetables thrive in different climates, and it would be best to see which vegetables would suit your climate for growing purposes.

I have the good fortune of living in one of the best all year round climates in the World. Here in the City of Johannesburg, in South Africa, we are located six thousand feet above sea level, and although it is not the best location for vegetable growing, it is good enough with our summer rains and low humidity with plenty sun for vegetables to thrive in.

I also grow a Zimbabwean delicacy known as chimolia, which is like a spinach type of vegetable, and You just plant the stalks, and the next thing, you have new shoots growing. I even sell bunches of chimolia to the locals and that covers the cost of watering the vegetables when there is no rain.

Potatoes only take a short while to grow too, about a month after planting them, you can take them out of the ground as you need. You don’t even have to spend money or waste time driving to the Super Market to buy potatoes that have probably been dug out of the soil about a week ago or in some cases even longer. Cool hey! Your tomatoes as well, you pick as you need, and they’re firm and crispy, a real delicacy.

It is also a great feeling of achievement, when you sit down to your meal, to know that all This lovely food is taken from your own garden, planted by you.

Ian Russell Smith.

Source by Ian Russell Smith