I budget the money for the bills and other necessities and one of those is good, healthy, clean foods. For the most part, this means eating organic. With GMOs, preservatives, and all kinds of other nasty things being put in our food, it’s important to eat as clean as possible. Unfortunately if you go to the grocery store, you’ll notice that the organic produce, meat, and dairy is more expensive than the other foods. That’s extremely unfair! If you’re like me and on a budget, how can you make sure you’re getting the best without sending your grocery bill through the roof?

Farmer’s Markets. This should be your only place to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. Farmer’s markets are great for finding all the good stuff at the peak of their growing season. The food is generally cheaper, too. By keeping everything local, you aren’t paying the high transportation costs and overhead that is usually required in order to get food to a big chain grocery store. The best part is, it all just tastes better, too. I don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than eating a fresh peach from a roadside fruit stand.

Pick and Choose. During a recent grocery trip my husband said, “I know you want to get all organic but can we keep the grocery bill down just a little?” And he had a point. Take strawberries, for example. The organic ones were a dollar more than the ones that weren’t. I did some research and found the “Dirty Dozen.” These are fruits and vegetables that should ALWAYS be bought organic because they are some of the most heavily treated with chemicals. But of course, like all fruits and veggies, please be sure to thoroughly wash them before using: Peaches, Apples, Strawberries, Grapes, Cherries, Nectarines, Pears, Red Raspberries, Sweet Bell Peppers, Celery, Spinach and Lettuces, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Milk, and Meat

Grow Your Own. Of course the best way to ensure that you are getting the best quality you can is to grow your own. It’s a great way to learn about your environment and can also be an activity that’s fun for the whole family.

There are ways to be able to eat clean and healthy without breaking your bank. The goal is to eat organic whenever possible. If you can’t, decide which choices would be the best for you and your family. I promise you, your body will thank you for it.

Source by Barbara Middleton