Lets talk about the modernization on indoor gardening. We all heard of a green house, where plants grow indoor using soil. But have you ever heard of hydroponics, where you do not have to use soil at all. Isn’t that something where plants do not use soil instead it uses a grow medium like Rockwool, perilite, hydroton and many more.

When growing hydroponics you will harvest sooner than using soil about 3-5 times faster yield. Many people of not heard of this method, but this has been around since the ancient times, the Greek’s use this method to grow vegetables and natural herbs. Nowadays many commercial farmers and local farmers are using for economic reason is getting faster yield and the ability to grow all year round despite the weather condition. Technology is always moving forward, that what is great about it, now everybody can grow indoors. When growing hydroponic you don’t have to have soil or have a big space.

Many urban gardeners are using grow box or cabinets to grow there favorite vegetables. There are many different size of grow cabinet that will accommodate your living space, if you have larger space you can use a grow tent as well. The basic essential of a grow cab/box is that you need A good sturdy grow box that is well insulated, enough air circulation, A good lighting unit, and a hydroponic system. Heat is a factor when growing specific type of herbs or vegetables you want the heat to be between 75-85 degrees. Some plants can withstand hotter climate. Controlling your heat in your grow box is very important.

If it is hotter than 85 degrees you may want to add more fans, reduce your lighting output or add a portable air conditioner. For gardeners or hobbyist who wants to try indoor gardening if you do decide to build your own please consider this. Do you have enough knowledge to build one; trial and errors can be quite costly. Do you have the right tools, you may need different type of tools for certain job and the cost can add up. Do you have the time to build one yourself. If you would rather purchase a grow box, make sure you are buying from a reputable company, do a thorough research of the product you are buying. Read the fine print, does it have a full warranty, what does the warranty cover. Does the product have a review on it, if not ask for a reference.

Source by Dee S